Here are the steps to publication (if your book is in a digital form, like Word, Open Office, Rich Text, etc.).

  1. Sign and forward the basic contract (check it out here), either via US mail or digitally (Empower will personalize a contract and email you a copy to e-sign and return), along with your $100 deposit.
  2. Send us your manuscript along with any special requests and inclusions (photos, scans, etc.) you may want to include along with your wishes for the cover. We'll also need a brief biography and photo of you for your cover.
  3. We will format the interior of the book, including your unique ISBN, and create a cover concept. As these are completed, we'll email you a PDF of the interior and a JPG image of the cover for you to proof and correct (don't worry, this will not be your last chance to make corrections). We can also send print copies in the mail if you don't do the computer thing.
  4. You will find mistakes. Make a list of these and pass those along to us. We'll correct them quickly and send you the revised interior and exterior.
  5. Once you have approved the interior and cover, we submit them to the printer, who will verify that they are printable and create a print proof, which will be sent directly to you.
  6. When you receive the proof, go over it very carefully searching for any mistake or any desired revisions. Tell us of any needed revisions.
  7. Tell us about any necessary changes. If there only a few changed needed, we will send you digital copies of the revisions. If there are a great many changes, we may suggest a second print proof. 
  8. Once the corrections have been made, you tell us how many--if any--additional copies of your book you want. Empower will send you an invoice and order your books. We will publish your book on Amazon and Kindle and make it available to bookstores around the world.