Meet our authors

Over the course of a dozen years, the team at Empower has helped more than 160 authors publish their books. For most , we were their first publisher. Several writers first published by our team went on to sign contracts with traditional, royalty based publishing houses--fulfilling their dreams of having their mysteries, romances, science fiction stories and thrillers published in the mainstream press.

We have published novels, memoirs, cookbooks, children's books, graphic books, religious books, poetry collections, and anthologies. We have published authors in every decade of life. Our oldest author, Susan Rudd, published her first book at age 103. Our youngest author, Brody McCanless, published his first when he was only 10.

Because we can't efficiently list all our authors and all their titles, we've chosen to lift up our most recent and most currently active authors, along with a little information about each and links to their available titles. As you become part of our Empower family, we look forward to including you on this list as well.

Scroll down to meet your fellow authors.

Annette Collins

In her 80s, Annette penned a poignant series of vignettes about the strong, powerful women of four generations.

Antorinette Lott

Faith is life for Antorinette, who shares her profound spiritual journey in her writing.

Brody McCanless

Precocious and prodigious, Brody's rich imagination created his first book at age 10 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Bud Fussell

A retired businessman, Bud found his true passion in bringing ancient biblical stories into historical and current setting, emphasizing moral choices that result in life-changing consequences. 

Cornelia & James Webster

Steeped in the history of the Civil Rights Movement, the Websters created a seminal book of 3-D art, poetry and wisdom.

Dianne Nicholas Goodrich

Like St. Francis, Dianne recognizes the hand of God at work in the lives of innocent, seemingly helpless creatures.

Helen Walker Webb

Helen began writing later in life, yet virtually every short piece she has written has received awards and acclamation. 

Jan McCanless

A best-selling author and regionally recognized as one of the Southeast's finest writers of both fiction and non-fiction, Jan checks all the boxes of excellence.

Joan Byrd

If you have the chance to meet her, you'll find that Joan Byrd is even more interesting than her amazing stories. An engaging author in several genres, Joan confides that her guardian angel is also her muse.

Kate SpragueGledhill

Never underestimate the power of an early-life memoir to surprise, delight and empower you!

Lazarus Barnhill

A novelist whose stories seize you from page one and draw you inexorably into the lives of his characters.

Linda Howard Scott

Looking back to the hometown of her youth, Linda has created a memoir in splendid verse.

Louise Gore Sayre-David

Her love of the Old South and its ways pervades all the work of this noted traditional novelist.

Margaret Thompson-Shumate

Clever, quick, insightful and delightful--all apt descriptions of this wonderful collection of short fiction.

Paul Williams, Fire Services Captain, Rtd

Paul has compiled an amazing series of vignettes--poignant, humorous, insightful and unbelievable--accumulated from his career as a firefighter.

Sara K. Wall

A highly-regarded children and young-adult author, Sara's delightful, engaging stories are alive with true-to-life characters caught up in amazing situations.

Susan Hubbard Rudd

As a young woman in love during WWII, Susan decided she needed to serve the nation while her Marine was at war. This is her true story.

J. Vaughn Boone

At the age of 101, Vaughn Boone passed away several years ago. Through a special arrangement with his wife, we have been allowed to continue offering his books to you. Deeply spiritual, incredibly insight and great fun to read, you will enjoy Vaughn's work. (336) 257-9276