a Little Extra Help never hurts


Sometimes we believe we need an editor to read over our manuscript. Perhaps we're concerned that we've made some grammatical mistakes or we have been a little verbose or even haven't explained something adequately. If we've written a novel, we may be concerned about plot holes. If we've written a non-fiction piece, we may be concerned about saying something that can be held against us legally--or we may want to know how to included references and quotations properly.

A good editor, first and foremost, works to preserve the intent of the author without changing the tone or basic structure of what has been written. This has been Empower's philosophy in the more than 200 books we've edited, both for authors we've published and other authors as well.

We keep our editorial work to an affordable level, charging $20 per 10,000 words with a minimum $50 per book. Thus, if you book is 49,000 words, the cost would be $100.


While we do not keep illustrators on staff at Empower, we have worked with many. Obviously, not every artist is suited to illustrate every type of manuscript. Even children's book illustrators vary widely in style. If you are searching for an illustrator, we'll do our best to match you up with someone who can create exactly the sort of images you need for your book. We do this outside our publishing process and therefore Empower does not charge for this service. You'll pay the illustrator directly. We do ask that you use our services for publishing your book after your illustrations have been successfully received.