Literature has a wide variety of faces, voices and interests

We'd like to introduce some of our favorite writers. Learn a little of their stories and how they have followed through on their passion and become published authors. With a great variety of interests, stories to tell and inspiring manuscripts, the only two things they have in common are that they heard the voice of "the muse" compelling them to write, and that they allowed Empower Publishing help them publish. Here are authors with the last names beginning A-L.

Best "Quotes"

"We all need something to help us live this life daily; we cannot do it alone. The quotes found in this book will serve as an aid to remind you who you are and help you live the kind of life God has already prepared for you. Relax yourself, open your mind and heart to receive and enjoy these wonderful light-hearted but ever so true."           --Bettie Hill Atcherson from her review of Best "Quotes."

Thoughts on Paper

I have learned that the best way to get to know you, contrary to what we may think is to spend time with yourself. We spend most of life asking others what they think about us. What a challenging question to someone who probably do not know who they are.  
One of the most powerful statements in the Bible concerning guidance and growth is "in a multitude of counselors there is safety". This denotes that we should seek input, but ultimately we need to spend time alone also. During that time we can process what has been said. After all, words have greater significance when they are supported by a thought. Thoughts that provide an opportunity for reflection and ideas. 
It is very important what you think, even more what others are thinking. One thought can change the outlook and attitude or our way of thinking. These gatherings of words or word collection I hope will enlighten you use them as Ice Breakers or to provoke a “thought.”

Linwood Best’s personal history and background is diverse and has provided a platform in various settings, including middle school to college instructor. His passion is assisting the economically disadvantaged, prison and special needs populations. He is a husband, parent and surrogate to man. Little is known about his “the least of them” attitude and that it is beneficial that we learn to listen and listen to learn. He believes that discipline affords freedom; and with God’s help persistence will prove this to be true. It has been said that, “A new broom sweeps clean and an old broom knows the corners.” Surely he is familiar with the old corners, but is blessed with the opportunity to share with others that you still have time to have a clean sweep in life.

Best "Sayings"

A musician once said, to play an instrument, you have to learn to listen and listen to learn. These brief statements can have much meaning. 
For sure, there will be nuggets discovered and treasures to behold. Remember in the present of others without pen or paper mental notes are being recorded. Listen to the simple phrases and capture hopefully some importance of their exchange of ideas.  Now that we are here . . . let’s read, and listen to . . . Best Sayings.

J. Vaughn Boone is a natural mystic, always probing the inner and outer spaces for a greater understanding of our role in the cosmic scheme. A lifetime has been spent in investigating the mystical paths that lead to the varied fields of consciousness. The quest has been to bridge the gap between the outer expression of religion and the purely personal spiritual realities. For decades his writings has touched, strengthened and inspired countless souls. As he approaches 100 years of age, the timelessness of his literary grows all the more apparent.

De-Riva-W, The Magic Formula

Ever wonder if there was a formula for success in life, success in all personal, financial and business dealings. In the beginning, writes Vaughn,I only vaguely understood what was involved. Later, I began to study the Huna Code and I became much more aware of how and why it works. Huna is an ancient wisdom from Hawaii that provides a way of understanding our own psychology and the subliminal forces that affect us. It teaches that residing in and about this body are three separate levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious and super- conscious.

Notes from India, 1942

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Vaughn decided he could best serve his country by enlisting in the Army Air Corps.  This is the story of his journey to Bombay and the jungle site called Mahon.  He was 26 years old when he wrote this journal. It records how he was, in turn, astonished, thrilled, touched, inspired and horrified by what he experienced. Last year in 2014, when Vaughn celebrated 98 years, he found the original yellowed handwritten pages. What you will read here is his story.

Angels at Work

About this seminal volume Vaughn writes, I truly wish someone else could and would write this book! But since I am the only one who has experienced what which I plan to relate, it has to be me, or no book at all. I have spent many hours preparing lectures and workshops using these true experiences to illustrate that the creative energies that abound in the universe are still at work and accessible. Our role is to serve as a conduit or focal point through which these forces interface with humanity.

Beams of Light

To be brought acutely alive with poetry is to breathe the joy of changing seasons. It is to soar on imagination's wings spread full to the wind viewing the world and all that is in it with understanding, compassion, love, and wonder. Poetry is a tool to illustrate to the questioning mind the differences between things that are similar and the similarity between things that are different; thus bringing to mind a simple truth that may be thundering in its impact." Thus Vaughn writes about this volume of poetry covering a forty year period.

Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through is the brief autobiography of a deeply spiritual soul. In this volume we accompany J. Vaughn Boone through his North Carolina country upbringing, follow him across the globe as he takes part in the struggle of WWII, build a career with him and discover his ability to heal, teach and change lives. All of this takes place against the backdrop of a great spiritual awakening. 

The Initiation

Vaughn experienced not just a spiritual awakening, but also a initiation into the profound service expected of him. He describes this fully and beautifully in this autobiographical account. He writes, "One lesson I learned is that we are really never alone. There are those wise and caring beings who are always ready and willing to help us. All we need to do is ask. They are channels for the power and goodness of God even as we are expected to be."

Love Letters from Father God to You His Child

This love letter book was written by your Abba Father God through the Holy Spirit. These pages were revealed to a scribe, Louise H. Carter, His servant and vessel. Each day is a personal love letter to you from your Abba Father God, Who loves you unconditionally, just as you exist at this moment. Read each letter with an open heart seeking to know your Father God better. God is talking to you personally. 

30 Days of Inspiration

Many people approached Louise after she had written the 365 day devotional asking her for a short, inspiration edition they could share with others as a way of introducing them to Louise's insight and faith. The result is this concise book of selected meditations from Louise H. Carter's best selling devotional book Love Letters from Father God to You His Child. It is suitable for devotional use and may be mailed to others as an inspirational gift.

Louise Carter writes, “My degree was earned on the back side of the desert with the Holy Spirit as my teacher through pain, abandonment and brokenness in my life. I began to get dreams and visions from Father God. Finally, I realized I was loved and accepted by Father God. The hole in my heart began to fill up with this love. Peace began in my life and slowly I began to heal.”

John Steel: The Man and the Legend

Discover the astonishing story of John Steel, whose low country plantation survived the Civil War intact because it was so remote the Union Army never knew of its existence. With the world at his feet and a family that adored him, Steel decided to bring in a tutor to educate his children. It was then that his true adventures began.

Few authors have the aristocratic, star-crossed history of author Louise Gore Sayre-David. As a descendant of one of the most storied families of the antebellum era, Louise grew up with a full awareness of the history, culture and ideals of the American South in the epoch following the Civil War. After a lifetime of accumulating all the rich tales and gleaning the most significant lessons, at last she begins to share with a world of waiting readers. 

Green Sea Plantation

Green Sea Plantation is the first novel of the masterful seven book series, She Heard a Whippoorwill. Two intertwined stories, one intimate love story and one grand historical tale, seize the reader. Lovely, innocent Eliza Carson is a sixteen-year-old daughter of a South Carolina plantation. Though there are a number of would-be suitors, no man claims Eliza’s heart—until a chance meeting with the handsome Virginia horse trainer Luke Heyward. The spark of love between them is instant and undeniable. 
Their story unfolds against the backdrop of America in 1859. Impossible to set aside, Green Sea Plantation will captivate readers and leave them yearning for all the books in the series that lie ahead.

Writings from Middle School Geniuses 2016

This book is a compilation of stories written by students at Kernersville Middle School in Kernersville, North Carolina, and was a mixture of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The entire school participated in a project called Genius Hour, where Mr. Christopher Walsh and I were blessed to work with students who had a desire to write. Mr. Walsh, who teaches Language Arts, talked of proper grammar, and punctuation. I was able to explain the process of publishing, and a publisher’s expectations, along with some of my experiences. So, with a few pointers and a little direction, most of the students took to writing like it was their sole purpose in life. We met once a month as a class, but many of the groups met after school and on weekends to continue their work. Even though they do not understand deadlines, I was very proud to work with and sponsor this group of students. We hope you enjoying reading their works.

John E. Stack, Math Study Skills, Kernersville Middle

Contributing Authors

Logan Allen, Adam Cornatzer, Justin Duncan, Abby Ferree, Dylan Hagar, Samuel Hicks, Elizabeth Liotard, Sarah Morgan, Teyla Peregrina, Jazmin Rangel, Sammie Reagan, Rachael Stack, Haleigh Stokes, Kailyn Tabor, Alexander Weavil, Alyssa Wells

What Made Me Stop

A "coming of age" tale, follow William Lawrence through pain and suffering, kindness and loving and the illusions people create and pursue. Much more than a memoir, Lawrence recounts the sorrows and victories of a family, mirroring that of an era and of our nation. His story is impossible to read with being caught up in profound emotion and awe.

"Once you ever step into that so called part of joy and life of excitement, and when it comes to a complete stop and the dust settles down that’s when you find out it all was just an illusion. That’s when you realize that you’ve hurt and disappointed the ones that you wanted to love you and you love them, but you do the very best you can." --William Lawrence, on moving from the South to New York City

Antorinette Lott writes, "A great portion of my life was spent in an atmosphere of pain turmoil and disappointment. So many situations I didn’t understand and my only peace was to escape mentally. I began to put my thoughts on paper; it was the only thing that seemed to help. As I matured into a young woman I discovered Christ's love for me, but it wasn’t until much later in life that I embraced Him with my whole heart. At that point a transformation began to take place."

Butterfly Journey

As I began to feed on Christ's word I began to see and understand so many things that happened to me as a child. I understood the purpose for my pain. I gained clarity on the things He showed me as a child. I realized that the word was unfolding in my life, even when I was unaware of the meaning. After I found joy and peace in Christ my words began to flow freely and I heard His sweet voice say “Tell your story”, so this is my story of my journey of transformation. 

Butterfly Dream Journal

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God has spoken to the faithful again and again through dreams. . In this marvelous, inspiring second book of insight and devotion, Antorinette Lott shares with hus the wisdom and uplifting truth God has imparted to her through dreams.