If you already have a digital (e-book) version of your book that has been published on Kindle, here's how we can make it a print version as well.

  1. Sign a print or digital version of Empower's e-book-to-print contract (available here) and forward it to us. No deposit is required for this process.
  2. Forward us the digital version of your book. If it's on Kindle, it's already a Word doc, which is best for us anyway. Forward us your front cover. We'll also need a blurb about your book (chances are you have this in the "description" section on Kindle), a brief bio and your photo.
  3. We'll set up the book, check the formatting (often print and digital formats don't match up) and upload the book to the printer.
  4. Once the printer approves our uploaded cover and interior, we'll order a print proof sent directly to you.
  5. After you forward any errors or revisions in your manuscript for us to correct, we send you a PDF proof of the changes and upload the changes to the printer.
  6. We send you an invoice. Turning a digital book into print book typically costs $149 provided you have no special requirements.
  7. Finally, we'll order four complimentary copies of your book sent to you along with any additional print copies you might want to purchase.