10 Commandments for Promoting the sale of your book

  1. Unless you are quite wealthy, don't hire a publicist and above all do not pay anyone to put your book in a catalog or distribute or display it at "book festivals." To see the logic of this, figure how much you'll make off the sale of a single book, then calculate how many books you have to sell to pay that "agent."
  2. Don't pay for social media advertising unless you can easily afford to do so for a minimum of six months. Again, calculate how many books you'll have to sell to pay for the cost of advertising.
  3. Hand selling is the most effective means of promoting and selling your book
  4. The second most effective means of promotion is building a base of followers on social media and promoting your book to and through your followers.
  5. Make sure to follow the promotional rules of the social media platform so you don't get blocked for being a spammer.
  6. Acquaint yourself with the many local locations, establishments and events where hand selling is possible. For instance, locally owned brick-and-mortar bookstores may not only sell your books on consignment, but may like to have you come in once a month for book signings. You might also have signings at coffee shops, bistros and other casual gathering places.
  7. Remember that there has to be something in it for those who allow you to sell books. For instance, your local library may allow you to have a book signing and publicize it through their email newsletter if your donate a copy of your book as a local author.
  8. If you have your own business establishment,  make sure to have a stand of your books available. Some of our best-selling authors had their books available in unlikely businesses they owned: restaurants, shoe stores, and bed-and-breakfasts. What other business owners do you know who might allow you to display your books?
  9. Offer discounts. Consider that (at least with Empower) you're probably paying less than $5 or $6 a book even after taxes and shipping. You're book is probably priced at least at $12 or $13. If you have a $12 book and give a $2 discount, you're still netting $4-5 a book.
  10. Through social media or your website or webpage (check out Wordpress), stay in touch with your readers who buy your book. This is your built-in audience for your next book (which we're looking forward to publishing for you).

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